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No other company can offer the rocksolid dependability that Nevada Registered Agentsdelivers! As the corporate servicescompany that you trust torepresent you in the state of Nevada, NVRA is proud to offer a history of outstanding business practice, an untarnished reputation, stability and dependability. We own the office complex where we are headquartered and we are committed to continued excellence, so you can count on continuity and you can count on NVRA.

This type of staility is important because:
  • The Registered Agent acts as your representative in Nevada.
  • The Registered Agent is the entity with whom the Secretary of State of Nevada interacts, including official notifications and renewals.
  • The Registered Office os the Registered Agent is the location of records (required by NV statute).
  • The corporate entity is responsible to keep the name of their Registered Agent and current phyical address of registered office filed with the Secretary of State of Nevada - if an RA moves, goes out of business or does not attend its office, the client entity (you) are the one held responsible with the state and forced to pay additional state fees and incur status penalties.

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